COVID-19 and Home Inspections

I’m an Essential Service. This means that I’m placing myself and my wife in harms way to help with the purchase of  a home or real estate investment. Being essential doesn’t mean that I can’t transmit COVID-19, and it doesn’t mean that I’m immune to COVID-19. My being “Essential” does not somehow remove any of us from the risks of COVID-19. I appreciate and thank you for your understanding about this heath issue I take seriously.

The COVID-19 situation is an inconvenience for everyone involved and  your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

Good Home Inspection’s Sellers Protocol:

  • Due to the current COVID-19 situation it would be ideal if the occupants were absent during the inspection. I realize that this may not be possible in all situations, however, it would be in everybody’s best interest. If avoiding COVID-19 is important to you then Good Home Inspection recommends that the structure be vacant during inspection.
  • If the situation dictates that the occupants must be present during the inspection, I respectfully ask that they wear face-mask and practice social distancing. Gloves aren’t necessary as they only provide protection from cross contamination and I’ll be wearing gloves for that purpose.
  • I’ll keep most of my tools outside and only bring the others in on an as need basis. Additionally, I clean my tools between inspections.
  • I’ll wear a  a mask or respirator inside. If necessary I’ll wear gloves and/or shoe covers.
  • I go into your home alone. I do not bring anyone else with me. I’ll do my best to discourage my clients from entering your home while I’m there.
  • I’ll wipe down any countertop I might use as a writing surface or work-shelf (usually one, and usually in the kitchen).
  • I’ll call the listing agent or the seller when the inspection has been completed so that the occupants can get back to their home as soon as possible.
  •  I care about your home and safety.

Good Home Inspection’s Buyers Protocol:

  • Please remember that I’m working for you, this is your inspection taking place during your option period. This is the time during the home buying process where you need to find your comfort level. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation I’m discouraging my clients from entering the house. I enter and lock the door behind me, no exceptions.
  • We should speak before the inspection so that I can be made aware of any special concerns that you might have about the property or the inspection process.
  • I go into occupied homes alone. There’s only a little more leniency about this with vacant homes, but not much. I shelter in place outside of work; it’s imperative that I protect your family and my family as much as possible. Thank you for understanding my being firm about this.
  • We can have a brief discussion about the house after the inspection outside the front of the house and using social distancing after the inspection, you can also use this time to make payment for the inspection (Cash, Check, ZELLE®, Visa or Master Card), or we can have a detailed On-Line Meeting conference after I’ve delivered the report the following evening. The On-Line Meeting is a great option because we can take some time to discuss and I can answer any question you might have about the report in real time having my office references at hand.
  • I provide videos of my inspection process. You’ll have a virtual inspection tour of the structure highlighting most of the things in the report. These videos typically reveal more about the structure than is covered in verbal reviews. They’re the closest reproduction of the tactical inspection process available without having been the inspector yourself. The goal is that you should get more from this process than if you had attended the inspection in person (that’s what I’m targeting for).

This is what Good Home Inspection can do for you. I believe that this, coupled with the thorough detailed reports I’m known for will go a long way towards helping you with your due diligence in regard to purchasing a home investment. Your business is appreciated.

There was a time: 

I really enjoyed having my client’s out to inspections but that was then. My client’s could and did invite their friends and family out to the inspections. Other trades peopled specialist would show up so we could exchange observations, opinions and ideas. Unfortunately, we cannot conduct business as I once did; that was before COVID-19. I’m looking forward to a time in the not so distant future where we can return inspecting homes in a more personable manner. In the meantime, my clients are encouraged to contact their agents and Realtors® to arrange other times for others to visit and examine the property. – Sincerely, Bud Rozell ACI @ Good home Inspection TREC PI 4088